It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is my second favorite holiday, Halloween is my first! There is just something magical and cozy about the holiday. I love to decorate our home and make it look festive.

My style has changed over the years from using whatever was cheap it hand-me-downs, to rose gold/whites and a whole lot of flocking.

I’m obsessed with my flocked Christmas trees. They are perfect and fake and I will never, ever get a real tree again. As beautiful and fluffy as real trees are, they are a freakin mess! My husband and I are still finding pine needles from the huge tree we got last year!

This won’t be the most exciting blog post but I wanted to share some of our decorations.

I’ll do my best to find links to everything or at least mention what store they’re from.

Most pictures are directly linked to my Instagram!

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Den to Nursery

Den to Nursery

When we moved into our condo in April, 2017, I was SO excited to have a den that I could put my desk in. Not a desk to do work at, a makeup desk! Oh my collection was insane. I had every palette, every lipstick, every new makeup product imaginable! It was my hobby, my passion. Here’s a picture of it set up.

Fast forward to January 2018, WE’RE PREGNANT! I knew deep down that I would have to make my beloved “makeup room” into our baby’s nursery. I wanted to wait until I knew if we were having a girl or boy to start decorating. In the meantime, I was on pinterest day and night getting ideas.

We bought the crib from ikea. It’s nice because it has 2 levels for baby and then changes to a toddler bed when she’s ready. We didn’t want to spend a ton on a changing table that wouldn’t grow with her as she got older, so we also bought her dresser from ikea and put the changing pad on top of it.

If you read my post about my dining room makeover, I stained the table we got from Ikea the same color as Mackenzie’s dresser.

After staining it, I wasn’t sure if I wanted matte black drawer pulls or long brass handles. I ended up with the handles. I saw them on pinterest and that person used them from etsy. They ran her about $200+ for 6 handles. I found them way cheaper on amazon!


They are so well made and give the dresser the exact look I was going for.

After the furniture was put together, it was time to decorate the wall. I found beautiful 3D flowers at Hobby Lobby, along with her Initials. It makes this small room so cozy and girly.

I’m not sure how long we will be living in this condo or if Mackenzie will ever even sleep in her room because our bedroom is on the opposite side of the condo. But the decor will definitely follow us to our new home, wherever that may be.

I’ll add a few other pictures of DIY things I made that I may do a quick post about in the future.

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To the new mama

To the new mama

You just had your baby that you’ve been waiting 9 months for! Congratulations. Their little cry melts your heart. Their sweet face makes you want to protect them from the very beginning. This is the start to a beautiful relationship with someone you only just met!

There are many things to look forward to after your baby is born. Like the first time they smile, and it’s a real smile and not just gas. Believe me, the first few smiles are because baby just tooted. And when your little bundle rolls over. It might seem silly but you’ll find yourself celebrating the smallest milestones.

Now let’s talk about what happens after you give birth. This isn’t going to be sugar-coated. This is real life. This is the stuff people don’t talk about.

  • 1. Sweat
  • Your hormones are all out of whack. You will get up and walk to another room, and you will sweat. You will sweat like you just ran the New York City marathon. For me, it was worse because it was still summer. I soaked through my clothes, through my bedsheets, and had to change clothes multiple times a day. It’s totally disgusting but normal apparently. I asked my OBGYN at every visit!!
  • 2. Loss of appetite
  • Maybe this doesn’t happen if you’re breastfeeding, but I did not. I’m nearly 14 weeks postpartum and still don’t really have an appetite. It was a lot worse after we first brought Mackenzie home. My husband basically fed me that first week because I sometimes forgot or just didn’t want to! I can’t tell you when your appetite returns but I’ve heard that it’ll get better!
  • 3. The first poop
  • Oh my god. Nobody told me about this! I was honestly scared for my life when I had to go!! Stool softener will be your best friend for the first few weeks and if you love yourself, you had better take them! For me, it was scarier than giving birth! Seriously, no one warned me about how awful it would be.
  • 4. Every. Time. You. Pee.
  • What saved me, was my Fridababy mom washer! It was so much better than the peribottle the hospital gives you. I used the momwasher for weeks. Like 10 weeks. I had a second degree tear and stitches so I was terrified of hurting myself after using the bathroom. If you’re pregnant, get the mom washer!!! Literally a lifesaver.
  • 5. Postpartum Hair loss
  • It wasn’t until 8-9 weeks postpartum that my hair really started to fall out. Not only was it coming out in clumps but it was so freakin knotty, it hurt to brush it. In the shower. With 5 gallons of conditioner. I’m still dealing with this and I just want it to end!
  • 6. Phantom kicks
  • Apparently this is a thing. Your uterus is still getting back to normal, so it shakes or has a spasm of sorts. It feels like you’re pregnant again and your baby is kicking. If you aren’t expecting it, it’ll freak you out. Especially if you keep having dreams that you’re knocked up again.
  • 7. When the milk comes in
  • Holy shit. I didn’t end up breastfeeding, so when the milk came in 3-4 days after having Mackenzie, I just wanted to cut my boobs off. They were swollen. They were hard and hot. We had visitors every day. I looked like a slob kabob with ice packs sticking out of my bra but I didn’t care. My boobs were on fire! Thankfully it only last a few days but wow. OH and they leak too!! Make sure to have pads in your bra otherwise you’ll get some funny looks of you leave the house!
  • 8. The first and second period after giving birth
  • The first period was ok. I was able to take Advil again and believe me, I took it! But then, I got my second period and wow. Just wow. It was so painful. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t stand up. The cramps felt like contractions and I’m pretty sure I asked my husband for an epidural lol. I almost wished I was pregnant again!! And I hated being pregnant.
  • 9. You’re swollen
  • I’m not sure why I thought my pregnant belly would disappear after Mackenzie was born but nope. It seemed like it was bigger. Everything was swollen. My feet, my fingers, my face, all of it! Don’t expect to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes right away! Sweatpants are life. Leggings are pants. Dress comfortable. You won’t look like this forever!
  • I don’t want to scare you but this is everything I can think of that happened to me after having my daughter. No one told me this would happen and it can be pretty scary and lonely if you think you’re the only one going through this! You aren’t alone!
  • What is something that happened to you that you weren’t expecting? Drop your comment below!
  • See you soon,
  • Kristina
  • Goodbye to the old me

    Goodbye to the old me

    They say after you have a baby, your whole life changes. I really had no idea what to expect after having Mackenzie. Some days, I still don’t. No two days are the same.

    So I want to say goodbye to the old Kristina. The Kristina before having a baby. To the Kristina who was not a mom or a wife. I was just someone’s girlfriend. Carefree, party girl (in my early 20’s), who really had no responsibilities other than to keep the dog alive and be with my boyfriend.

    The things I thought were important then, aren’t that important now.

    Oh I didn’t shower for 2 days? No big deal now! I’m lucky if I have time to even shave my legs now!

    I used to take TWO hours to get ready to go out with my girlfriends for drinks. TWO hours. Do you know what I could do with those two hours now? Maybe take a nap, or wash the dishes, vacuum, laundry. The list is endless!

    I can’t just get up and leave anymore when I feel like I want Starbucks or I want to run to target. It takes over an hour for us to get our things together & go now. I don’t mind it but that freedom of just leaving your house whenever you want was nice. I have to strategically plan for us to go somewhere. Make sure baby was JUST fed, fresh diaper and not screaming her head off. Once those things are complete, we are free to go.

    Babies are expensive little humans. The amount of money we have spent on diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, etc. in her short 3 months of being on this earth is incredible. The things I used to spend my money on, don’t even matter anymore. It’s all about Mackenzie.

    What are some of the things you have given up for your baby? Leave a comment below!

    See you soon,


    Dining Room Makeover

    Dining Room Makeover

    We just moved into our condo last April. I have had the same dining room furniture for nearly 10 years. A round, glass, 4 seater table. It was perfect. We don’t entertain much and it was mostly a mail collector.

    When I found out I was pregnant in January, I knew that I eventually wanted to get a wooden table so our new baby could enjoy it some day as well.

    I posted the old table on Facebook about 3 weeks ago and someone was immediately interested!

    Just like that it was sold! $150 in our pockets, plus $100 I won from a scratch off… I wanted to put that towards our new table and chairs.

    I really had high hopes of finding something I could give a makeover. I didn’t search nearly as hard as I could have. After all, I thought I was going back to work and wouldn’t have time.

    So I went on amazon and found these BEAUTIFUL chairs! They had great reviews and the price was absolutely right!


    I searched all over for a wooden dining room table that I could stain. I remembered that we got Mackenzie’s dresser from ikea and stained it, maybe they had a table I could do the same to?!

    I found the Ingo table. Solid, pine, naked and I could stain it!

    I bought my favorite odorless stain from Old Barn Milk Paint, which is a company I found on Instagram!

    I’m obsessed with how it turned out! It was so easy and I love the look and feel it gives our dining room and our home!

    Here’s the finished look:

    Table – ikea Ingo table

    Chairs – amazon – Merax fabric chairs 2 pack

    Stain – old barn milk paint – weathered

    Buffet – Ashley furniture

    Tree – Walmart

    Christmas decor – Target

    Thanks for reading!

    See you soon,

    Kristina 🖤

    Side Hustle

    Side Hustle

    I was supposed to go back to work on November 26th. I really, really, REALLY didn’t want to. I wanted to stay home with my daughter and my dog. I wanted to be the one to raise my baby. Teach her new things. Watch her grow. I just feel like I’m going to miss out on all of the small and BIG milestones. As I said in my previous blog post. And GUESS WHAT!?

    I get to stay home with my baby, thanks to my incredible husband! 

    One of my biggest obstacles right now is my credit card debt. I probably have every store card imaginable. It’s just too easy to sign up for them. They offer you discounts or a percentage off. I’d like to think I’m a good bargain shopper though. I like to spend but I like to save too, if that makes sense lol.

    Real talk right now, I’m in $12,000 of credit card debt right now. I’m trying to figure out a side hustle that works for me and my new life as a mom. My time is spread thin these days and some days I don’t even have time to take a shower. So figuring out something that works is challenging at the moment.

    One thing I love right now are the apps that give you cash back for just adding your debit/credit card, give you bonuses for referring friends and some of them you can trade points in for gift cards.

    Here are some apps I’m loving right now! Full disclosure, I’m not being sponsored but I may get a bonus if you sign up using my links!

    1. Ebates –

    1. Shop: First, start an Ebates Shopping Trip. To do this, simply be sure to click on any Ebates link to the store you’ll shop with before you make a purchase.
    2. Validate: When you click an Ebates link, you’ll see a pop-up confirmation letting you know you’re ready to shop and earn Cash Back at that store.
    3. Purchase: Complete your purchase as you normally would. This will also complete your Shopping Trip.

    That’s all you have to do.

    Once the store lets us know that you’ve made a purchase, we add your Cash Back to your account and send you an email confirmation. It usually takes a little time for the store to let us know that your purchase was completed. Depending on the store, this can take from a few hours to several days. Then, every three months, we send you the Cash Back you’ve earned, in a Big Fat Check or via PayPal.


    2. Drop –

    • Link your debit and credit cards

    Whenever you spend with any of your linked cards, we automatically give you points.

    • Shop at your favorite places

    Rack up points for going grocery shopping, taking an Uber to work, grabbing a snack, and more.

    •  Get cash rewards

    Redeem your Drop points for gift cards when and where you want.

    3. Dosh – 

    Securely link your credit and debit cards. Whenever you pay with your linked cards, Dosh gets you cash back.

    4. HelloFresh – 

    Now with this, you won’t get cash back BUT you will get $40 off of your first order! I absolutely despise cooking. Even more so after having my daughter. Who has time to make dinner? Who has time to think of different things to eat every night? HelloFresh makes it easy. Almost too easy. My husband and I are set up to get 3 meals a week. Every time I make one, he raves about it until the next day. I feel like a gourmet chef. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Sign up and see for yourself!

    To date…with Ebates I’ve gotten back $867 since I signed up, I’ve traded in over 25,000 points for $25 worth of starbucks gift cards on Drop, and I just signed up with Dosh. Plus, I’ve had 9 delicious meals from HelloFresh.

    So far these are the things helping me earn money. What’s your side hustle? Leave a comment below!

    See you soon,


    10 weeks postpartum

    10 weeks postpartum


    10 weeks. 10 weeks postpartum. I have a 10 week old baby.

    Where did these last 10 weeks go? They have flown by but have gone so slow at the same time. I have to go back to work in 2 weeks and my daughter will be in daycare for 10+ hours a day.

    Let me introduce myself before I start getting all mushy. My name is Kristina. I’m 32 and live in New Jersey with my Husband, my dog and my daughter.

    I’ve been with my husband for 12 and a half years. We’ve been married for one year, our anniversary is November 11th. I found out I was pregnant on January 8th of this year. It was a total shock. We weren’t trying but we weren’t being careful either.

    I had a pretty rough pregnancy. I dealt with migraines and lots of “morning” sickness, bad sciatic nerve pain that made me use a cane just to stand up, bad acid reflux, an overnight stay in the labor and delivery unit at the hospital 3 weeks before I gave birth, and so many other things.

    My due date was September 16th but this little girl decided to come early. I was 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant when my water broke at home in the middle of the night! It was August 30th at 11:30pm. She wouldn’t arrive until 5:31pm the next day.

    After 18 hours of labor, a round of magnesium because my blood pressure was SO high, blood pressure meds, an epidural, a migraine because I couldn’t eat anything, throwing up and falling asleep in between pushes…oh did I mention that I “pushed” for 2 hours before the doctor had to help get her out? It was just the icing on the cake.

    After all of that, Mackenzie Jean was here and the cutest thing I had ever seen!

    I’ve been out of work since August 17th and to be completely transparent, I don’t want to go back, I don’t want her to be in daycare all day long, while I’m missing important milestones. I don’t want someone else raising her. I want to do all of that. I want to stay home with her, take care of her, go on adventures, make memories. I don’t want to just do these things on the weekends, when we have more time.

    I lost my mom when I was 27 to lung cancer. She did daycare out of our home. My sister and I were always with her. I want that for me and my daughter. I want more than 27 years with her.

    My goal with this blog is not only to get my thoughts out but to hopefully generate a little bit of extra income so I am able to stay home with her. I know, I know. Everyone says that money shouldn’t be the reason you do something but passion isn’t going to pay the bills.

    I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll stick around and read my future blog posts! I have a lot of great ideas. If you’re looking for someone who is censored, or the perfect mom, you found the wrong blog. I want to be open and honest about pregnancy, after birth, all things postpartum, baby gear/products we love and others we don’t, as well as my other passion…MAKEUP!

    See you soon xo