To the new mama

You just had your baby that you’ve been waiting 9 months for! Congratulations. Their little cry melts your heart. Their sweet face makes you want to protect them from the very beginning. This is the start to a beautiful relationship with someone you only just met!

There are many things to look forward to after your baby is born. Like the first time they smile, and it’s a real smile and not just gas. Believe me, the first few smiles are because baby just tooted. And when your little bundle rolls over. It might seem silly but you’ll find yourself celebrating the smallest milestones.

Now let’s talk about what happens after you give birth. This isn’t going to be sugar-coated. This is real life. This is the stuff people don’t talk about.

  • 1. Sweat
  • Your hormones are all out of whack. You will get up and walk to another room, and you will sweat. You will sweat like you just ran the New York City marathon. For me, it was worse because it was still summer. I soaked through my clothes, through my bedsheets, and had to change clothes multiple times a day. It’s totally disgusting but normal apparently. I asked my OBGYN at every visit!!
  • 2. Loss of appetite
  • Maybe this doesn’t happen if you’re breastfeeding, but I did not. I’m nearly 14 weeks postpartum and still don’t really have an appetite. It was a lot worse after we first brought Mackenzie home. My husband basically fed me that first week because I sometimes forgot or just didn’t want to! I can’t tell you when your appetite returns but I’ve heard that it’ll get better!
  • 3. The first poop
  • Oh my god. Nobody told me about this! I was honestly scared for my life when I had to go!! Stool softener will be your best friend for the first few weeks and if you love yourself, you had better take them! For me, it was scarier than giving birth! Seriously, no one warned me about how awful it would be.
  • 4. Every. Time. You. Pee.
  • What saved me, was my Fridababy mom washer! It was so much better than the peribottle the hospital gives you. I used the momwasher for weeks. Like 10 weeks. I had a second degree tear and stitches so I was terrified of hurting myself after using the bathroom. If you’re pregnant, get the mom washer!!! Literally a lifesaver.
  • 5. Postpartum Hair loss
  • It wasn’t until 8-9 weeks postpartum that my hair really started to fall out. Not only was it coming out in clumps but it was so freakin knotty, it hurt to brush it. In the shower. With 5 gallons of conditioner. I’m still dealing with this and I just want it to end!
  • 6. Phantom kicks
  • Apparently this is a thing. Your uterus is still getting back to normal, so it shakes or has a spasm of sorts. It feels like you’re pregnant again and your baby is kicking. If you aren’t expecting it, it’ll freak you out. Especially if you keep having dreams that you’re knocked up again.
  • 7. When the milk comes in
  • Holy shit. I didn’t end up breastfeeding, so when the milk came in 3-4 days after having Mackenzie, I just wanted to cut my boobs off. They were swollen. They were hard and hot. We had visitors every day. I looked like a slob kabob with ice packs sticking out of my bra but I didn’t care. My boobs were on fire! Thankfully it only last a few days but wow. OH and they leak too!! Make sure to have pads in your bra otherwise you’ll get some funny looks of you leave the house!
  • 8. The first and second period after giving birth
  • The first period was ok. I was able to take Advil again and believe me, I took it! But then, I got my second period and wow. Just wow. It was so painful. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t stand up. The cramps felt like contractions and I’m pretty sure I asked my husband for an epidural lol. I almost wished I was pregnant again!! And I hated being pregnant.
  • 9. You’re swollen
  • I’m not sure why I thought my pregnant belly would disappear after Mackenzie was born but nope. It seemed like it was bigger. Everything was swollen. My feet, my fingers, my face, all of it! Don’t expect to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes right away! Sweatpants are life. Leggings are pants. Dress comfortable. You won’t look like this forever!
  • I don’t want to scare you but this is everything I can think of that happened to me after having my daughter. No one told me this would happen and it can be pretty scary and lonely if you think you’re the only one going through this! You aren’t alone!
  • What is something that happened to you that you weren’t expecting? Drop your comment below!
  • See you soon,
  • Kristina
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